Women’s Aid

Fife Women’s Aid is a charitable organisation based in the voluntary sector, which supports women, children and young people who have experience of Domestic Abuse (DA) in Fife. Scotland. Originally three independent groups: Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and East Fife (Cupar) they merged on 1st October 2010 to become Fife Women’s Aid.

Dunfermline Women’s Aid started in 1975,  Kirkcaldy began in 1976 and finally East Fife, which started in St Andrews in 1996. We currently have offices in Cupar & Dunfermline which cover the whole of Fife.

All together we have been providing a service to women & children in Fife for over 35 years.

See our Service page for more details on what we do.

Advocacy Service

Every woman using the service will be offered a package of support, which will be tailored to her individual needs. Advocacy help is made available for women to get the help they need from other agencies; accompaniment to Lawyers; understanding of the criminal and civil justice system and what to expect if going to court.  The advocacy worker also gets the woman’s voice heard by putting across the woman’s point of view.


Many individuals who experience Domestic Abuse are recognised as being at high risk of repeat Victimisation. MARAC is a multi-agency response to promote information sharing, enhance the safey of victims and their children and reduce repeat victimisation. The purpose of MARAC is to:

  • Share information across agencies
  • identify the level of risk of the perpetratorTake informed actions to increase safety and reduce repeat victimisation.
  • implement multi-agency safety plans to reduce the risk.

the MARAC team includes dedicated police, administration and advocacy staff who will work alongside a range of partner agencies across Fife. FWA have 2 MARAC advocates who are based in the Police HQ in Glenrothes.

Contact Details

Fife Women’s Aid

FREE PHONE NUMBER: 0808 802 5555