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We provide advocacy support for those that are 65 years and older, living in Fife, who either live in care homes or find themselves in community hospitals.

Within this client group there will be those that feel vulnerable. This client group includes those without capacity and who are unable to make their feelings known.

If you have never had a strong voice in your life, it might not be easy to use your voice to raise questions or concerns, as you get older.

Adding an advocacy voice to someone’s life provides them with the opportunity to raise their voice, to increase the volume in order to help get their voice heard.

Our advocacy service can help you:

Understand the care and support process: help individuals comprehend the care and support they are entitled to and how the process works.

Talk about how you feel about your care: enables individuals to express their feelings, concerns, and preferences regarding their care.

Make decisions: support individuals in making informed decisions about their care and support options.

Challenge decisions about your care and support if you do not agree with them: help individuals challenge any decisions they disagree with, ensuring their rights are protected.

Stand up for your rights: Advocates act as a voice for individuals, ensuring their rights are respected and upheld.

Simple answers and information about difficult incidents in life can help people understand their situation. Having an understanding is a factor in helping improve people’s lives and their mental health.


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