Include Me

Include Me is a Citizen Advocacy project. Citizen Advocacy is when responsible citizens leading full lives in our communities get to know a vulnerable adult who experiences exclusion from their community or unfair treatment and who needs help to make choices or decisions about their own lives.

Include Me’s role is to create and support the development of these Partnerships. We are a registered charity and we support citizen advocacy partnerships in the communities of North-East Fife.

Our Vision

OUR VISION is of a world that includes and values the participation and contribution of all its citizens.

We want to live in a society that will recognise, uphold and protect the rights of all its citizens, thus ensuring that everyone is included, accepted and treated with dignity.

We therefore aim to create and support friendships that will nurture compassion, understanding, value, respect, sharing of aspirations and having fun, and that these friendships will continue to prosper and grow by making connections in North-East Fife and within the wider community.

Our Aims and Objectives

Include Me aims to enhance personal choice and community participation for vulnerable people through citizen advocacy.

Include Me’s objective is to focus our resources on individuals who may be vulnerable because they lack a support network or who may have difficulty accessing appropriate services.

Who do we work with?

Working within the eligibility criteria for adults as agreed in the Fife Advocacy Strategy, and throughout North-East Fife, we work with:

People in Fife, aged 16-65 who are affected by disability, chronic illness, dementia or mental disorder (including mental illness, learning disability or personality disorder) and are unable to safeguard their own well-being, rights, care or other interests will be eligible to receive independent advocacy services.

Contact Details



Tel: 07487 566 442 (Monday – Wednesday) or 07487 566 937 (Tuesday – Thursday)

[Outwith these times please leave a message]